Answer these questions to find out what Harley-Davidson Motorcycle is Right for You?

What is your new bike price range?
How experienced are you at riding?
Will you need luggage storing capacity?
Do you prefer aggressive riding or cruising?
Will you be carrying a passenger?
How important is fuel economy to you?
How important is range (distance between fill-ups)?
Do you prefer a liquid or air cooled engine?
What kind of handlebars do you prefer?
What kind of seat height do you prefer?
Where do you prefer your foot controls to be?
Do you have a preference on vehicle weight.
Does your motorcycle need to be free-standing (i.e. trike?)
Would your bike have a stock windshield?
Would your bike have a stock radio?
Would your bike have a stock GPS?
What look would your motorcycle have?
What kind of wheels do you prefer?
Do you want a bike to accessorize?